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Two seminars are being designed by Dr. Mohammad Tabibian and the two authors of this site.
Thanks for stopping by my site.
What sparks the creation of this new site? There are likely as many stimuli as there are finance sites. For me, it was the desire to address the Iranian scholars, researchers and finance students on various aspects of financial economics and management; the same stimuli that led me to propose some new financial courses in the last 30 years of my career in Iran.
With all the excitement about the Internet and other technological wonders, and given my executive engagements which make me in practice a part time academician, I felt that having a strong site is the only crucial vehicle to address and keep contact with Iranian financial academicians and students, and to prepare sufficiently well-structured courses in the curricula of my Master and Ph.D. students.
My current sincere and genuine zeal to develop and maintain a top rated Persian language financial site not only stems from my early love for finance—both as a student and as a practitioner—and from my fondness to be an innovator in the field, but it also drives from the necessity I feel such a reference might have for Iranian addressees.
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